Faldo paper cutters, paper guillotines, perfect binders and paper folding machines

Faldo Print Finishing Equipment, value for money

Phoenix Graphic Machinery BV is manufacturer of Faldo paper cutting machines, hot melt glue machines, folding machines and creasing machines. All machines are designed in our R&D department in Europe, adapted to European requirements.

Faldo has a complete range of paper cutting machines and finishing equipment for the digital printer, repros, in-house printers and printers.

Faldo machines are supplied by a worldwide network or qualified dealers.

For information about our machines or a question to one of our dealers, send an email to: contact@faldo.eu

Showroom and warehouse:

    • C. de Haasweg 30b
    • 3721TK Bilthoven
    • Tel: 030-8774099
    • Email: contact@faldo.eu
  • Faldo print finishing equipment is a manufacturer of paper cutters, glue binders and paper folding machines
  • The Research and development department is located in The Netherlands. All our machines are developed to European standards
  • Faldo machines are sold and maintained by dedicated qualified dealers

Faldo print finishing equipment is a succesful manufacturer from paper cutters, perfect binding machines, paper folding machines and PUR binders. Concept and design are always invigorated for the use by digital printers, reprohouses and professional printing offices. Because of our own design and production, we are capable of modifying our products to the changing market.